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Dawn Gibson – The Rising LP Review

Jim McCormick


I recently heard Dawn’s latest sonic release and found myself letting it loop over 

and over as I worked away for hours in our office.

The album comes from a place where betrayals, personal loss and hoping for a
better day resides deep within all of us – especially in the world we all now know.
The music floats effortlessly between back-alley rock, to a throwback to the grunge era.

In the truest sense of an album by an artist, some tracks will appeal differently to
listeners more than others do – but to me the bonus is that unlike some CD’s I
have been sent to review – the songs don’t all sound the same with the same
topics, tempo and instrument orchestration applied like some cookie cutter
formula that seems to have infested itself in music these days.
The musicians who recorded this CD I don’t know by name sadly, possibly Tam
Duong the Producer did all the accompanying work for the instruments –
regardless I like the basic organic approach to the drum tracks and some of the
guitar solos are not only very well done, but tasty as well for the song.
From an arena rock type anthem like “We Will Rock” to my favorite with Dawn’s
haunting vocals “Get To Know Me”, this being her 2 nd release is a large leap in

songwriting from her debut LP.

Give it a listen and respect the work put into it by buying a copy, NOT streaming it

– artists need to get PAID !!!



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