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Dawn Gibson – Out of the Dark LP Review

Jim McCormick


Having the pleasure recently of acquiring Dawn Gibson’s newest musical creation, I set aside time to give it a thorough dedicated listening – I am glad I did.

All 11 tracks on the CD are a sincere reflection of not only the deep emotional ebbs and flows of her personality deep within her but which resonates with many of us, of a place where we all have been at one time or another in our lives. When an artist creates a mirror image of not only their soul, but one that applies to all of us as collection of our life experiences – that is a true testimony to their craft as a song writer.

From the opening track “It’s Not Who I Am” about how relationships can change the very core of who we are, to the album ending “All the Lies” which could be a statement on every topic in life that we face be it personal or socially.

Dawn’s voice is haunting yet strong all the way through, with her familiar rasp akin to a Sass Jordan, each song sentiment is delivered with a heartfelt passion of how we travel this road called life.

As a local gigging/busking London musician, Dawn has earned respect in the local Indie community as someone dearly dedicated to her craft and a good songwriter.

This release of tracks will cement that reputation even more.

Jim McCormick


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